Coaching to grow

We have a passion to develop people and to challenge them to unleash their potential and find better ways to succeed. In our coaching practice we support managers in transformation processes (“changemakers”), we coach professionals with career development questions and decisions, and we are a “credible challenger” for senior leaders to reflect on their personal leadership impact. Your goals and a results-oriented approach drive our way of working.

Leadership coaching
Adapt2Grow has a proven track record in upscaling coaching at all levels of an organization. A true coaching culture will elevate your overall performance and will increase the agility of the workforce. We can assist you in the implementation of a coaching infrastructure and we can train internal coaches. All with the purpose to make coaching available for all talent in your organization.
Individual coaching: your goals are leading
Our coaching projects are always tailor-made. The focus is on achieving tangible results. The goals and agenda of our clients are the starting point and red thread of each coaching project and each session. It is our expertise to guide you through your thinking and solution making process. With our coaching methodologies, combined with creating a relationship of trust and confidentiality, we conduct a productive coaching dialogue leading towards insights, results, and actions to achieve your coaching goals.
We only work with coaches who are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Adapt2Grow adheres to the quality standards and ethical code of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)



Adapt2Grow experience with coaching