Our core and who we are

We leverage the combined forces of Adapt2Grow and our client organization
In our consultancy practice we team-up with our clients. Our guiding principle is that you and/or your team are in the driver’s seat and we act as your trusted navigating co-pilot. Co-creation and partnership are the core of how we work. Together we agree on a phased action plan, describing each step in tangible actions and outcomes. All our interventions and tools are best practice and based on proven methodologies.

Direction and acceleration
As your partner in transformation we have the role of “the folks with the broom” in the curling sport: you define the content and outcome of the change processes, we enable, remove obstacles, steer and correct course and accelerate where possible to meet the targets. You can be assured that the implemented changes are sustainable and that your power to change of your organization is increased!

All expertise in our network
Adapt2Grow has an extensive network of professionals in transformation management. So, we can bring additional expertise or resources to the project to ensure successful delivery of the client assignments.

Mark Karelse, Founder and Lead Consultant

“After a career of more than 25 years as International HR Executive, responsible for HR functions, teams and corporate people agenda’s, I decided to leverage my experience as an independent consultant and founded Adapt2Grow. I have made it my life’s work to drive behavioural change to enable people to embrace new ways of working, acquire new skills and to be successful in an ever-changing working environment.

I gained my expertise and experience in industry leading companies, including ING Bank & Insurance, Philips Electronics, and Carlson Wagonlit Travel, where I had the privilege to support executive leadership, management teams, and high potentials in organizational change and personal development. As a trusted advisor, I am known for my results-oriented approach, my ability to remove obstacles and resistance and build commitment, my engagement, and my skills for change at all levels in the organization.

I am excited that I have the opportunity to apply my personal HR toolkit in the areas of organization- and talent development for the benefit of many great clients. I consider my projects as a success when at the end of a process, the organization, a team, or an individual have reached their development objectives and increased their own power to change! As a member of the board of the International Coaching Federation, I promote and contribute to professionalization of coaching as profession.”

A final guilty pleasure I want to mention: I love to deliver key note speeches at corporate conferences and act as master of ceremony or moderator for events and workshops.