Transformation management

Transformation management

Adapting for prosperity
Many internal and external factors are making tough demands on the adaptability of an organization. To call out a few you can think of innovation & technology, disruption in the market, and instable social economic developments. Adapt2Grow supports managers and teams to work through complex change processes. This can involve restructuring, scaling up—
or down—of the organization, culture change, employee engagement, instalment of a new commercial strategy or developing your HR function and processes. The outcomes of an Adapt2Grow change process will offer you the opportunity to prosper tomorrow and to enjoy growth.

Change is a people business
Neither technology, systems, nor organization charts will make your change process a success. It will be your people who will make the difference. Adapt2Grow brings expertise and experience to lead transformation through your people by identifying how we can influence their behaviour to adapt to the new reality or desired state. We mobilize your people to engage in the change process and we train and coach your internal Changemakers to increase your Change Power.
An integral approach with tangible results
Together with our client we develop a change strategy, define the desired outcomes, and build an actionable plan. Such a change plan can incorporate 1 or more interventions and tools:

  • Scanning of the current and desired situation using proven diagnostic instruments
  • Moderating strategy planning workshops with management teams
  • Installing of focus groups and network of change ambassadors at different levels of the organization
  • Training and coaching of change makers
  • Developing of communication strategies and plans

This multi-dimensional approach ensures alignment in the organization and engagement of all stakeholders. Your transformation will be implemented at all levels of your organization and will ensure that the “new normal” will be embedded in day-to-day work.


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